Hotel Review: The Westend Matheran

We recently posted about our entire experience at Matheran which you can read here

But it would be incomplete without our review of our accommodation: Hotel Westend Matheran (Category: 3 star):  

We stayed at Westend Matheran during our short trip  of 2 days in July 2015.

On the day we visited, it was pouring on and off. Once we reached the hotel and glanced through the cottages, initially we were like “How are we gonna live here!”. We doubted the facilities, cleanliness and comfort of a cottage located in the midst of nature’s lap with incessant rains. But to our pleasant surprise, things were taken care of quite professionally (except a few things) inside the rooms.

The Location:
Westend is located towards the end of the market which meant that we had to trek through the entire market before we reached the hotel. Though a bit faraway from the market, it is conveniently located to visit some of the “points” . We would rate it 3/5 for location

The Service:
The service was good given the circumstances (mild to heavy rains) Food could be ordered in-room and the staff arranged for the dining table and chairs in the room or in the lobby depending on where we’d want to have our food. Staff responded well to our minor queries/demands/complaints through the intercom.

The Food:
Since Matheran is a vehicle free town, it also means that we have to walk a lot and at the end of the day we got quite exhausted. We couldn’t imagine ourselves going back to the market just for our dinner! Most of the meals were at the hotel – be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Food served was quite good and prices were acceptable – neither too cheap nor too costly.

The Surroundings and Ambience:
There is a large clean and well maintained pool but we didn’t use it in the damp, rainy and cold weather. The areas inside the resort are  nicely decorated with a variety of flowers. A badminton court is available too. Overall the ambience was quite relaxing and pleasant - A nature lover’s paradise indeed.

The rooms:
Rooms were neat and clean. Hot water was always available. Bathrooms were neatly maintained. We indeed felt safe and cozy inside our rooms.

Overall we would rate our stay 4/5. Some lapses in service but very much acceptable. Would recommend!

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