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Welcome to OurTravelCravings. We are a travel loving couple from India. For us, travel is not only an escape from our routine and monotonous work life but also an opportunity to experience this big and beautiful world. Through this blog we share our experiences of our holidays. This blog also fuels our desires for future travels. And yes, we are not professional travel bloggers. Neither are we adventure junkies nor do we have that adrenaline rush to climb the tallest of peaks or dive into the deepest of the creeks. But we do strive to maximise our travel stories as much as we can with minimum possible budget. Hence, we are budget holiday travellers with a passion for photography and blogging as well. We love exploring different places, people, cultures, food and experiences..And perhaps that is why we love travelling! We have a long to-do list and we hope to tick most of them if not all, some day in the future! We would be excited to have you as a part of our journey through this blog. 

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